About Le Schweets™

The passion of baking has embarked in our roots ever since we first started baking a chocolate mud cake for a soul mate. Hooking up with the baking scene since the early age of 17, failing multiple times to bake a good old genoise and sleepless nights were worthy in a way. It was a turning point for us since then, which now brings us to a new venture to begin with; Le Schweets

Le Schweets™ came into mind, as it is habitual for us to ask our customers the common, yet imperative question of all; “Is that too sweet?” Thus, the baked goods are altered to the preferences of most Malaysians nowadays, which conforms the ideology of “kurang manis” – less sweet. Our delish treats are mostly French-inspired. Hence, the name; Le Schweets™.

The identity; Le Schweets™ was truly put into good use after several continuous months of experimental baking nights – for the search of the ultimate collection of tempting baked goods ranging from cheesecakes to the then in-trend cupcakes for the enjoyment of our customers. These delicious and great looking contemporary treats are tried and tested for a couple of times to achieve perfection, thus, tempting customers into our own unique version of sinful desserts while offering both long lasting memories and a keepsake of the experiences.

Started off as a small home business catering to friends and families, Le Schweets™, formed in the end of year 2008, is now happily catering to a wide array of customers – be it for wedding ceremonies or birthday parties. Recognized as a home-based cake bakery for now, Le Schweets™ offer more than just beautifully designed cakes and cupcakes on a made to order basis. Hence, the mouth-watering and appetizing treats are personally prepared and inspired by ingredients that are refreshingly contemporary and of best quality that we can find. With made to order basis as our policy, freshness of these homemade delights are highly assured.

Stay tuned for more exquisite and exotic flavors of Le Schweets™’s bakes in the near future. Last but not least, feel free to browse around the site of Le Schweets™.

Much love, Miches from Le Schweets!