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For the time being, interested customers can place their orders via email with the aid of the format adhered below. After filling up the form below, please send your email to: Please place your orders 5 days in advance from the actual pick-up date.


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FOC for Cheras area. Any other destination point besides than Cheras are negotiable upon requests. If pick-up location isn't within Cheras area, but there will be extra charges to cover our transportation costs)

Email will be responded within 24 hours. Kindly re-send the email if there isn’t any reply from Le Schweets in within the 24 hours stated.

After we have received your order through email submitted by you, we will reply you with our confirmation order via email. We will also contact you through phone call for further details (ie; pick-up destination etc) and confirmation on the orders after replying you via email.

We only deal with C.O.D payment, which is cash on delivery. Hence, we will not be collecting any deposits for the orders, as we believed that schweet buyers are mostly trustworthy. Receipt will be given upon request. If there are any cancellation or change in orders, please let us know through phone calls at least 3 days before the pick-up date.

We do only accept orders through email unless that there are telepathy communication involved in between, which is quite doubtful. For any inquiries and orders, please email to